Excerpts from “Theo and Mira, Loving Life”

“Now we write songs, lyrics and music, together. Our life experience is poetry, every moment of it. We play in the Ocean called Life. We let ourselves disappear into Love. There is no story to be told anymore. For many, this is really scary, inconceivable even. And yet, this is true Life. No mind. No story. No end. Only beautiful unfolding. Like an eternally opening flower.”

“We are here to find how beautifully we can possibly live in this world. We are here to discover ways of easy beautiful living. We are here to live poetry, to play colors, to breathe music. Anyone can. Set your mind free and live from your heart. Do anything you do beautifully, heart inspired.”

“At times, others’ experience might seem ‘wrong’ to us. But only until we claim it as our experience. When we live it, it’s right. It’s right because it’s alive. My life.”

“We are like night and day. Always seeking one another. Even in our sleep. We reach our arms to hold the other.”

“I thought I had a life, that I was living. When love came, I was scared. Love asked me to give up my life so I may Live. Now I understand, … that which I gave up wasn’t life at all. It was merely … pretending.”

Excerpts from “Theo and Mira, Loving Life”

Photo from Unsplash