Free to see ~ excerpt from work in progress

“If you really really really more than anything else you want to be free, you’ll look and look and look until you find what exactly holds you captive.

Automatically, that seeing (of your “cage”) frees you.

If you are not yet free, you want something else than freedom. That something else is probably sameness. You are afraid to let what is known go in order for something new to appear. You’ve gotten used to that cage. “It is not that bad after all. All the comfort I need, all the pleasures, the daily routine. Who knows what is out there? I might die out there.”

Yes, indeed. The cage is your psychological self which must self destruct, at least the greater part of it, in order to see what lies beyond.  …. At least an opened window through which what lies beyond may enter and make its presence … sort of known, … little by little.

Excerpt from work in progress Theo and Mira part 2