Ego. Soothing. Digital healing. Real life.

“Ego. A thought. A point. The center of dream bubble we call life. Ego. Creator of separation. Creator of things separate from each other, each thing made of points separate from each other. As points are falling appart, further and further away, Ego invents now unification, integration, the reverse movement of separateness towards oneness. All these are happening inside the bubble dream made by Ego.”

“It’s ok. Don’t fret. You just stumbled a little. Something or someone made you believe that something truly matters, that something is not as it should be. Or it is as it shouldn’t. It is a dream. The moment has already passed. Get up and move on. This is supposed to be fun.”

“How digital technology assists, if not concludes, healing (end of conflict) of the human psyche?

Experience is in the mind.

Experience is formed of images formed of pixels, of words formed of sounds and of the other sensorial types of information formed of their respective fundamental units.

Experience is made by assigning meanings to each type of information.

The mind is flexible, expanding and contracting.

Possibility to access multiple experiences at time of mind expansion.

Possibility to collapse all experiences back into the void. Dissolve images to pixels, words to sounds and so on. Silence and stillness. Nonformed Being before appearance of realities. The Field. Source. “

“He sits in an all white room. He is all dressed in white. Walls become screens, showing an image forming from pixels. Sounds are forming words. Air particles forming tactile and olfactory sensations. Images stay for a while before dissolving back to pixels. The room is all white again. Breathing. New images appear.

Joy. Real life.”

Excerpts from work in progress Theo and Mira, part 2

©️A. Garden, September 2019