How fear and dependence of authority are conditioned since infancy

We all share now the knowledge that fear is the leverage by which people are being manipulated into doing what they don’t want and prevented from doing what they truly desire.

How is it possible?

It really isn’t that hard. It takes time, perseverance and understanding of one human (and animal) brain trait: susceptibility to form a reflex.

A reflex is a an act of behavior based on neural connection (association) between two different stimuli.

There are only two ingrained mechanisms into the survival-wired animal brain: avoidance of pain or danger, and seeking of security or pleasure.

Of course, the real natural environment is a place where correct functioning of these two survival mechanisms is crucial. In nature, every organisms is wired to avoid danger and seek nourishment, warmth and reproduction.

But for the last few thousands years, human no longer lives in a natural environment per se. Humans built for themselves an artificial environment where life conditions may be more stable and more under human control: social environment.

To achieve stable life conditions for all members of society, certain decisions had to be made. The most important condition for social stability: humans must start behaving predictably, and according to society’s goals.

Leveraging the understanding of animalic brain’s tendency to form reflexes, society has proceeded the implementing of certain crucial reflexes into its individual’s brains.

The most important reflex is fear (but also dependence) of authority. The second most important is desire for pleasures/rewards.

Formation of fear of authority starts in infancy. The newborn is naturally attached and completely dependent to mother (or father, natural or adoptive). This natural bond can be “used” by turning (through conditioning) mother and/or father into little child’s first authority. “Parents must educate their child.” “Parents must control their child”. “A child must know fear”. “A child must obey his parents.” and so on. We all know how full of life are those little ones until rules of authority crashes their spirit.

A few years down the road and parents’ authority is being transferred to teacher’s authority. At school child’s brain is ingrained with more “operant conditionings”.

The motto of behavioral science is “no thinking, no emotion, no consciousness”.

As you may clearly see now, the authority is passed on from teacher to employer, from employer to law enforcement, from law enforcement to military authority. And like so, the society has at its disposition faithful fearful laborers and consumers and, when needed, faithful order respecting officers and soldiers. Based on fear induced conditioning, war is possible. That’s it. It is as simple as that.

Is it possible for the individual to overcome that deeply ingrained fear of authority?

Of course it is possible. People around the world are awakening to consciousness. The strings that hold them slaves to fear break, one by one. This is already happening. This has conquered the world. Higher emotions like life satisfaction and compassion are possible. Twenty-first century is a spiritual century! This is already on! Can you see it? The moment you see it, it is dissolved. If you feel revolt against someone or something, you still don’t see it as it is. A simple bind which you have the power to unbind.

If you can’t, your mind has been conditioned to throw immediately a blanket over something you don’t understand.

Join the awakening to awareness of being! There is nothing to fear!

©️A. Garden, January 7, 2020