It is possible

These are thoughts. Thoughts are irrelevant.

These are the building blocks of stories mind tells itself about itself.

There is place for everything in Awareness, even for stories.

But truth only is beautiful and real and stable.

A thought, an idea about truth is just another thought.

A thoughts about truth is not truth, is another story.

Do you want the feeling of truth?

Do you want a taste of its sweetness?

Do you want to smell its fragrance?

Look at a little child.

Try to see through their eyes.

You may think is impossible to turn back time, to unthink all those thoughts poured into your brain, to unlearn all your knowing. It’s not!

Once you see their irrelevance, once you feel their powerlessness, once you seek no outcome greater than your own resource, once you sense how all your needs and true desires are naturally met …

then you’ll drop all knowing like one would an old ripped cloth.

For one moment … Stop! Stop all doing! Stop all thinking which is a form of doing!

In the same way you stop walking, you see the red light and you stop.

If you are racing, you’ll feel the uncomfortable inertia of a certain intensity. If you’ve been awake, you’ve seen the red light, you’ve heard the warning, you’ll have time to break gently.

If you are caught unaware, you will feel a shock when Life stops you.

©️A. Garden, January, 2020