the thousandth black swan ~ a poem of hope

I’d love to play with you

but this game is too old and too corrupt

like an endlessly rigged blackjack

the house always wins.

Outside this maze

there lies a field

and a sea …

I know, you cannot see!

You have no choice

But to trust in me.

Stop! Don’t pour

white paint over me!

There are others, you say,

Bound by rules you obey …

How will you help them, I ask

Without freedom to see

Without finding first

Your own free way?

When you’re sick enough

The medicine arrives.

If you’re scared

Comfort will be sent.

” this slithering mercury coldness

In my veins,

screaming mad voices

In my head,

angry faces in front of

My eyes … ”

“Shh! It’s ok.

It was just a dream.”

“Nothing unreal exists.”

Her feathers as night

carrying him high

he looked behind

no maze left in sight

no maze-seeing eyes.

©️A. Garden, January, 2020