the world is proof that mind creates

Looking at objects, I realize how mind, focusing, turns thoughts into things. Look at any object, any situation, any

Perhaps this is the only role objects (all objects big and small, unique and serials, practical and useless, “good” and “bad”, possessed or desired, material or mental constructs) have: visible touchable proofs of the power of the mind.

Mind incessantly creates. It is an unstoppable engine. However, focus/attention directs its creative powers. Awakened awareness is ability to direct focus. Unconscious ignorance disengages focus, mind being left to create on its own, by default installed programs/conditionings.

The world is the cumulative result of all mind creations: default creations of fear, focus creations of love.

The world has no meaning in itself. It is the proof that mind creates.

Is joy found in objects/world or is it found in playing/creating?

©️A. Garden, January, 2020