“until the wave poured her inside me, right in here, in the bottle that I was” ~ fragment from work in progress

“Captain Theo steps aboard his ship. It is a glorious day. The sky is a brilliant gem. The ocean, a sparkling jewel. All villagers of Sunnysea came to cheer him. Their voices lift Captain’s spirit even higher. Ladies hankerchiefs flutter like baby doves training for flight. It’s been a long journey to this moment. It has been nothing but a bad dream hard to wake up from.

– Here, mate! Stay!
Brown quatruped swished his feet on the hardwood deck, swaying his tail before sitting by Captain Theo’s left leg. It was a dog of undistingushable breed, appearing mostly irish terrier. His name was Leo, named after Theo’s uncle, the man who taught Theo how to fight and stay alive. Leo looked up at Theo with admiration and loyalty, hiding his nose under Theo’s hand. 
In his other hand, Captain held a small crystal sphere.
There she is, wearing her turquoise amulet, descending the stairs to the beach. Her eyes, gates towards heavens, more than before. Her left hand holds a little hand, chestnut colored waves and two emeralds were peaking behind her peach-colored windswept dress.
“I wonder what stories will they bring us today, old mate?” thought Theo. “What a wonderland, the inner life, isn’t it?” Leo barked once to confirm master’s observation.
“Permission to come aboard, Captain Theo!” said Mira, with a strong and confident voice, trying to sound like a real mariner. Chestnut waves and emeralds, now sparkling like sea waters in sunshine, invade the boarding deck without waiting for Captain’s response. “Daddy!” Theo’s face, eyes closed, dives in her chestnut colored hair. “This” thinks Theo, hugging his four-years-old little girl. Through unspeakable substance, Mira receives to her senses that “this”, the wholeness of Theo’s experience.
“Permission to come aboard, Captain!” repeated Mira.
“Permission granted” shouted with real authority Amelia. 
Theo placed his Captain hat on Amelia’s brown waves, shading her green eyes. 
“Daddy, tell me again the story of how you met mommy” asked Amelia, her soft arms around Theo’s neck.
“I was like a bottle, a handsome bottle to say the least, colorful and shiny on the outside, sitting on the beach. Then, one day, the ocean came and filled me right up to the rim.” 
“The ocean brought mommy to you” said Amelia.
“Yes, mommy was swimming in this ocean until a wave poured her inside … me, right in here, in the bottle that I was.”
“Was mommy swimming in the ocean for a long time?”
“Until she prayed for a home and a wonderful world of her own.” added Mira, circling her arms around them, whispering near their ears.
“What more to wish for than love and a wonderful world of our own making.”

fragment from work in progress

©️A. Garden, January, 2020