Dreams are made of thought and love

Thinking without love divides. Without love, thinking loses its purpose.

Love is the purpose of thinking.

Love is living in peace and joy.

Peace, a warm and soft kind of peace, a sweet and fragrant kind of peace, a wholesome peace, a goldenwhite peace, a heart healing and mind restoring kind of peace, a tranquil peace.

Joy, a childlike anticipation kind of joy, an inner smile kind of joy, a “good for all” kind of joy, a returning home kind of joy, a falling in love kind of joy, an eagerly game playing kind of joy, a fresh home-baking kind of joy, a running through the flowering meadows kind of joy, a kite-flying kind of joy, ocean glittering in the sun kind of joy, a space creating kind of joy, a wondering without purpose kind of joy, a gentle animal companion kind of joy, a garden stroll kind of joy, simple innocence, summer dress, soles on hot sand, turquoise waves surfing …

This writing is an exercise, a practice I deeply enjoy. A deeply enjoyed moment lasts an eternity, creating a space of love and peace, a sacred space.

Take joy in contemplating ideas. But use caution. Thinking’s speed is greater than the speed of light. “Hold on! Slow down!” says Love. “How is this enjoyable?” “Free and fast, the feeling of it. And then, stillness and breath.” says Thought. “Aaaaaah” sighed Love.

The real thoughts have been inside Mind since the beginning of time. They are “yes” thoughts. They are unmanifested ideas, ready to pop into existence at the steady request of some new delight. Delight is their sole purpose, and yet delight may take a million different forms, the forms of one’s joy. Delightful desires for this one being, or delightful desires for others; delight for body, for mind or for heart’s emotions; delight in nature or delight in society; delight in loving or delight in thinking; delight in being this or that, delight in doing this or that …

Fake thoughts are “no” thoughts. Don’t touch those! They tend to multiply and coalesce at the touch (of your attention).

A real vision comprises thousands of “yes” thoughts. A real vision includes thousands of real aspects relevant to you. A real vision leaves no stone unturned, no “no” thought unalchemised into a “yes”.

©️A. Garden, February 2020