To Humanity ~ Of world changes, of tribes, of joy and peace

Dear Humanity,

Please don’t be alarmed about the changes

that are taking place within the organism that you are.

This is the time, the stage of development when human beings,

fundamental cells of the organism called humanity,

recognize the fact they are a part of a greater whole.

This realization does not imply homogenization

of your nation, your community, your tradition,

or any specific characteristics of your tribe.

On the contrary, this realization makes one

more conscientious regarding the vital role

of one specific human being inside their tribe

as well as a realization of your tribe’s role

within the one organism called humanity we are.

The complete real vision of the organism-humanity

brings a renewed sense of purpose and meaningfulness

of one’s life. At the same time, the vison of the whole humanity

as one organism will completely dissolve in you any fear and

all its residues like competition, domination, manipulation,

superiority-inferiority complexes, dependency, victimization, blaming, etc.

The vision of one humanity is given individually to each human being

through their preferred method of contemplation, prayer or any spiritual practice.

No need to dawdle over any of the various visual images that appear

during your spiritual experiences. These have no relevance whatsoever

for the greater good of all as they represent your specific individual interpretations

of a certain neuro-psychological transformation taking place

as a result of that spiritual experience.

Focus only on your joy of being, the joy of being universal consciousness

embodied as you, in a unique way. Your Now joy is unique not only

to humanity but to your life experience as well. Every Now is unique.

To universal consciousness, each moment of being you is immensely precious.

Let it be the same to you.

Let it be a “yes” moment.

“Yes” to feeling joy.

“Yes” to joy implies turning away from anything that feels like it might shade

or take away the joy of that particular moment. A quick split-second turn will do.

Don’t stay for a whole second! No need to judge why this or that is happening.

Simply turn away and walk in the direction of your joy. No moment to waste.

Walk, following your heart’s joy until you find your tribe.

Be soft and easy and joyful so that you may find it fast

and know certainty when you do.

Let go of heavy baggage of past memories with all their trauma and tension.

They are no more useful to you than yesterday’s tea bag,

missing the essential: all its fresh aroma.

Make yourself available to your real thoughts of joy so they may to find you.

Most likely, your first thoughts of real joy will be those you had as a child.

Starting with those thoughts is the easiest. A game, a hobby, an activity …

Let that joy you felt back then carry you forward until you reach your tribe.

There, you’ll find true rest. There, it will feel like homecoming.

There, you’ll feel you belong. There, no explanations will be asked of you.

There, you’ll feel loved and understood.

There, the lifestyle suits you in all ways.

It may be a community type tribe, a tradition tribe, a craft tribe,

or any type of human gathering around a certain kind of joy.

There are tribes (like organs of the organism called humanity)

that have a fixed stable location on planet.

There are other tribes (like fluid systems of the organism called humanity)

that “flow” between and around fixed organs, connecting them

and refreshing their vision of one humanity.

The migrating tribes share common roles within the organism humanity.

So never think you are alone. Your tribe is calling you home.

What is still keeping you back? Release any binds left. A bind has two ends.

One end of the bind is in your hand, yours to release.

The time of mingling and getting acquainted with others has passed now.

It is time to return home with the open mind other’s perspective

and way of living have brought about.

Be sensible in discerning the right way of going about.

Be open and willing to feel guided from within, by your inner being or your soul.

All relationships remain regardless of distance between you.

But rest assured, all relationships remain positive, well-being supporting, blessed.

Humanity is blessed.

©️A. Garden, February 2020

P.S. Remember to keep your nose out of anybody’s business. They are also having their moments of uncertainty alternating with moments of certainty, just as you do. No need to worry. See them fully realized, emotionally stable and happy. Holding this vision will help them the most.