how do you recognize you are in a world of conflict game

It is impossible to believe there is a way out of the world of conflict.

But that is the one single work of all spiritual teachers, old and new: to point it to you.

The world of conflict has changed (not going to say “it evolved”) over time, from physical/war conflict, to achievements/economic conflict and now to mental constructs/psychological/ideological conflict.

A mental construct, put simply, is a mind program made of seamlessly interwoven … thoughts. The moment you want some action, all you need to do is pick a side and download the main framework and preferred add-ons of your chosen side. It sounds unbelievable because you have forgotten the moment when you decided you wanted to play a game.

How do you recognize you are in a conflict game? 3 ways.

  1. There are two sides. There are always your side and “the others” who are always wrong, therefore hated. (Lately, in the psychological/digital age, you can custom-make your own very specific side, with all your desired highly specific details of your choice. So you can be one against “all others”.)

  2. It creates unnecessary unnatural unreasonable tension in your mind and your body.

  3. It stimulates your thinking mind to continuously generate arguments/explanations to defend your position when attacked, and attack “the others” whenever possible. So you’ll catch yourself thinking unceasingly.

It is true, the game has gigantic attractive power. “Why do I choose it?” you ask. It’s interesting, it’s rewarding, it’s not boring, it’s ego enhancing, it gives you the satisfaction of proving you are right and “the others” are wrong.

But then you suffer of being hurt. You recover, you rethink your strategy and off you go again: “this time I’ll win” you promise to yourself. But then you realize that even if you do win, you feel like you lost, because many dear ones did not win.

Now you understand that only if everyone wins, you’ll feel like a winner. So you set out to save the world, end war, end hunger and poverty, end disease, end killing of animals, end suffering. But then you realize your lifetime is not enough time to do all these, not even a thousands lifetimes.

What to do now?

You decide it’s humanity’s fault for all this nonsense, destroying the planet and so on (any excuse will do) and you join the ultimate game : exterminate humanity (if the last attempts of “improving humanity” prove unsuccessful). There! Now you are really a winner! Right?

And … Now what?

Just look … do you know anyone who is truly always angry at “the other people”, those of a different doctrine, a different cult, a different professional method, considers them inferior, imperfect, unevolved, wrong or evil? That person decided to run the program of the ultimate game in the world of conflict.

But this is not depressing message. The world of conflict has always been and will always be like this. It’s its nature. It’s meant to wake you up to your own potential of conscious focused decider.

There is another world, the real world, the world of peace and joy which not even a thought of conflict may come near to.

How do you get there? The way all spiritual teachers have pointed to you since forever, in the same way you get into the world of conflict: by consciously choosing it, moment by moment.

Still not convinced? A little more war and suffering will eventually convince you.

But it is so much nicer when you desire to believe.

All is needed is recognition of your own power of conscious choice.

©️A. Garden, February 2020