What is information? A question which must be answered not in words but through direct observation

It’s what we see. It’s what we hear. It’s what we touch.

It’s the foundation of the world as we know it.

It’s colors. It’s sounds. It’s images. It’s words. It’s meanings, semantics mind associated to images, to words.

It’s pixels. It’s digits. It’s bytes. It’s sequences of one and zero, of light and darkness.

It’s data.

It’s what we watch every day, and listen to every day.

It’s what we give and what we demand to be given to us.

It’s what we treasure the most in this life.

It’s the breaking news.

It’s yesterday’s memory, resurrected by remembrance.

It’s baby’s first vocals, and elder’s last mumbles.

It’s living cell’s DNA.

It’s computer’s source code.

It’s in nature.

It’s in artificial form.

What is information’s purpose?

What makes information true? What makes it false?

Don’t rush with automatic (incomplete) explanations taken from what you’ve heard others say.

Look! Look for yourself. Look carefully.

Seeing is real thinking.