The world = images + words

The world = images + words This image is made of meaningless pixels This word is made of meaningless sounds The ego is made of meaningless sensations and tiny elements of space Let pixels drift apart Let sounds drift apart Let sensations fall apart Easy gentle as breathing May particles return to space Only space … Continue reading The world = images + words

Relentless love

I hear you, my friend. You say many words, eloquently or angrily, But what you mean is that you are afraid, Terrified you lost love forever, that you finally managed to drive it away for good. Don’t play this silly game! How could Love ever leave you, even for a moment, you are the center … Continue reading Relentless love

Planet Garden and the House of Light ~ a children’s story

There is a beautiful planet garden Somewhere in space. In this garden there is a house A house of light, where joy and peace reign. Inside the house live Mother and Father and their children. Inside the house, A great bountiful table Filled with fruits of the orchards and gardens. One day, some children ask … Continue reading Planet Garden and the House of Light ~ a children’s story