Planet Garden and the House of Light ~ a children’s story

There is a beautiful planet garden

Somewhere in space.

In this garden there is a house

A house of light,

where joy and peace reign.

Inside the house live Mother and Father

and their children.

Inside the house,

A great bountiful table

Filled with fruits of the orchards and gardens.

One day, some children ask Father

“May we build a tent in the house

To play inside it?”

“Sure, but only for a little while”

Said Father.

“Soon we’ll all sit at the table

To eat and enjoy ourselves.”

So children found pieces of dark colored fabric

And built a tent. They cut a bigger hole in the fabric

To let inside a little light. They call it the sun.

They covered that hole with a circle of white cloth,

from time to time

To have more darkness. They call it the moon.

They made in a billion tiny piercing through

the dark fabric of their new pretend home. The stars.

And they started making up games,

Pretending they don’t know each other

Pretending they must work hard

Pretending they only have a little food

Pretending they must compete and fight

Pretending they could even lose their lives.

Father and Mother are calling from the house

“Children, it’s time to come out and sit with us at the table”

But children ignore their calls, wanting to play on …

So Father sends inside the tent a few of the remaining children

with His message

“It’s time to quit playing and come home”.

But some children forgot why they were sent in

and, mesmerized by the games, joined the tent playing themselves.

Others, tired of seeing their Father’s message ignored

asked Father to let them come out, back into the house.

Father and Mother are constantly calling their children

out of their games

back into their house of light, at the table of abundance.

Of course, Father could get up and take the tent apart,

ending children’s games, but He does not want to upset the children.

He knows that when children get too tired or too hungry

they will eventually remember to quit playing

and return into their house of light and abundance.

“We missed you” will say Mother and Father, taking them in their arms,

“Although we’ve always heard your voices playing inside your tent.”

“We called You, Mother and Father, to come in and join our games,

why didn’t You come?”

“We always stay here, care for the house and the garden” said Mother.

“It’s good to have you all back home, around the table” said Father.

“Let’s eat and enjoy each other’s presence.”

“Later, let’s go for a walk in the garden”.

And they lived happily ever after.

©️A. Garden, April 2020