But only Love can show you these

Only Love can turn one into the One

Sh, I’ll tell you a secret …

Luckily Love is one right choice away

For you and you and you.

Love is the light and warmth

of the clear crystalline mind

of truth and awareness

who birthed the first word, ego,

just as a joke or perhaps mistakenly dozing off for a second.

Yet “ego” started taking itself seriously,

inventing more words to preserve its identity,

hence the world.

So you see,

there is no other way

back to sanity,

undoing seriousness,

than returning to Love.

You are the One.

You are the Dreamer.

You are the Beginning and the End

Alpha and Omega,

Without beginning,

Without end.

But only Love can show you these.

There is no other way.

©️A. Garden, April 2020