Human, the only life-form able to opt out of this everafter

I, egomind, made this dream called world.

It all started randomly, simple,
Just a few images, sounds and pure feelings
It was meant to last only one moment,
Then dissolve.
No meaning. No story.
No purpose other than joy.
Sheer entertainment.
A new dream I made will come shortly after. 
After a deep breath. 
After a pause of silence, 
peaceful awareness. 
After awakeness.
After being.
After true real living.
A new dream.
A new joy. A new world. A new movie. A new game.
Let the past one dissolve 
before it gets messy and complicated.
No storyline. 
No continuity.
Just like breathing.
Complete abstraction is mind’s natural state.
Only flowing lovelight. 
Only colors.
Only geometrical sound and light patterns.
Human, the only life-form able 
to opt out of this everafter.

©️A. Garden, June 2020