Before the point and the circle

First, what has been done 
must come undone,
So let us undo meanings 
of sounds and images.
Let sounds just be sounds,
images, just shapes and colors,
let our thoughts fall in love.
Nothing really matters as all is already perfect.

Oh, the beautiful feelings that live in the clarity

Eternal, sacred, beauty,
what has always been will always be.

You and I, my friend, we are always playing 
somewhere in the space between the clear blue sky 
and turquoise waters.
Our arms stretched out are what they call horizon.
They weave dreams to keep themselves tiny particles of sand,
They are all love looking for a place to happen,
While you and I, my friend, we are the waving space.
We let them be, allowing them to pass through us,
Like almost immaterial clouds pass through the sky
So we stay forever free and light 
as we are
Before alpha and omega, 
before the point and the circle,
ego and its world.

©️A. Garden, June 2020