Only Life is real so let it be Life

Every moment choosing feeling natural aliveness within, 

which means choosing love, 
letting go of any mental hooks,
temptations of fleeting sensations

After all, the body is one of the many 3D projections of the one multidimensional Soul
Only Life is real
So let it be Life
All that isn’t pure simple Life, is nothing
So let it be Life, pure and simple,
As nothing may be added to Life
And nothing may be taken away from Life.
Only Life is real
Only what comes from Life is alive therefore real
What does not come from Life is not alive therefore is not real
Everfresh Aliveness you feel inside is real
Limited thought of human mind is not real
No limit is real
No point, no circle, no line, no number 1 or 2 or 3 or 0 are real
No other concept based on these
No beginnings 
No Big Bang
No universe
No round planets
Nor any human thought is real
But a certain 3D projection of light on the 3D screen of the brain
Only spiraling sparkling living infinity
No beginning, unending,
You are That.
What freedom knowing truth!
What a feeling being Life!
Life is here and now! Forever new, fresh, for you to enjoy! 
Only Life provides enjoyment real and full. 
Feel it … right here, right now. 
Let the dream go.

©️A. Garden, July 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook