Quality of the human mind. Can I trust my brain?

Is your brain clear? Fresh? Natural?

Is your thinking straight? Real? Aligned to Life?
Doubting the quality of human brain might get us some valuable insights.
Ever wonder why those early childhood years are happiest times of our lives?
What happens to the human brain at age 6 or even earlier? 
Social conditioning. Social conventions are programmed into child’s brain. 
“We, humans, convene to call the fruit of that tree, apple.” We, parents and teachers, tell the child “this is an apple”. Of course, clearly, that is not an “apple”. “Apple” is merely a verbal symbol (convened upon) for the fruit of that tree. However, child’s observation will be, from now on, lead and controlled by the symbols of social conventions. From now on, child’s brain will no longer observe a certain actual particular real fruit of a certain actual particular real natural tree, instead will observe the symbol “apple” of the symbol “apple tree”. 
Therefore, the brain’s natural function is pushed down, overlaid with layers of artificially imposed education.
Because everyone else’s brain is corrupted by social conditioning, the corrupt “thinking” is established as the norm in society. 
So, if regaining the natural function of our brain is our aim, a good start might consist in doubting every single thought ever conceived by human mind.
I know, it seems a lot. But might not be as much as it seems. Because human thought is always limited, incomplete, imprecise, based on false assumptions, it will become easier and easier to catch “the infiltrated thief”, “the little lie”. 
From now on, before buying any human thought made up story, stop. Look at the story, see where it originated and for what purpose was made. Question: “Is this how Life would think?” Any situation has a double story: one made up by conditioned human thought and the other, a correction brought by natural functioning brain. The correction of the natural brain is healing, reassuring, peace inducing.
Looking at nature closely and with unbiased attitude has the effect of observing straight normal Life’s (non)thinking in action. 
Life acts. Continuously. Always precise. Always right. Simply act. It happens to humans when they are in a life or death situation as the natural function of the brain kicks in. It happens to humans when they are in love or artistically inspired. The feeling of being carried forward by a greater force, of words being typed with your fingers, of brush strokes being applied with your hand, of sounds being spoken or sung with your mouth … Being swept by Life. Graciously owned by Life. 
©️A. Garden, July 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook