meditation ends the world. aware living restored

Meditation ends the world. Aware living restored.

Thought made the man-made world.

Human thinking made words, giving meaning to sounds and giving names to all that appears in front of its eyes.
Human thought made human seeing, the conceptual seeing, seeing of images of actual facts with thought-assigned meanings. Meanings are thoughts, attached like labels, to natural appearances like natural mineral, flora, fauna, landscape, sky phenomena. 
Human thought made man-made objects, thought-conceived, thought-instrumented, thought-motivated, thought-controlled manufactured, objects with a thought given meaning or purpose.
Everything that human thought made is nonliving. It is all made of sand (and/or other minerals) and water. 
The first thing the human thought made was human ego. Ego gave a certain meaning to this living being called human: ego gave it a certain face, a body, a name, traits like strengths and weaknesses, it gave it preferences, likes and dislikes, it gave it a set of standard thoughts (the code, rules, doctrines written into stone) to guide its behaviors. In the beginning it seems like a harmless children’s game, like a theater play on stage, fun to set up, direct, participate and watch. Soon enough, forgetting who you really are (living spirit) causes conflict and suffering. Puppet strings get tangled. 
Human thought made the human society, the mad world. Why mad? Because it is a dream, a dream made of sand and thought. A dream of absurd and random meanings. The faintest breeze, the tiniest wave and it collapses like a house of sand built on a sand foundation. What remains? The living being, naturally. Life remains real, untouched by dreams of sand. All is as it is and will forever be.
Dream society made by human thought began with the point, the big-bang, the ego center. It expanded and expanded, it multiplied and made the universe. The universe, as known by human mind, through thought-directed observation, conceptually invented theories and thought-invented experiments, this human known universe is also made by human thought. This point, the ego center, is the beginning. Time is born with patterns of routines and traditions, repeated continuously without interruption until time ends. Because what is made must be unmade, what has a beginning must end at some point. Only after the world ends, the real living resumes, living beings regaining their eternal infinite noncentral nondirection nature. Recognizing the dream-like nature of man-made world (which is the actual real ending of the world) is a daily morning practice for all who are authentically alive, fresh, spontaneous and joyful, like children. Ending all thought is meditation. Each moment is absolutely new. Unknown, unexpected, unimaginable. Living being looking at living being. There are no words to describe this freshness, this wonder of looking.
The ending of the dream world, the return to reality, the awakening, it started at the ego center thought and it quickly extended to all its “children”. The disappearance of the man-made dreamworld does NOT leave emptiness behind, on the contrary, the abundant infinite life will become more and more apparent. In the same way, when a man constructed place is abandoned, quickly living nature moves in, overtaking the entire place in no time at all.

©️A. Garden, July 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook

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