Journey light, my friend, by ethereal mind

Here you are, infinite eternal being, 

abundant magnificent life, 
trying to find satisfaction in little trinkets, 
limited ideas and limited images, 
limited thoughts and emotions, 
words and random meanings, 
metal or plastic toys, 
coins and colored papers. 
No wonder all you find is misery and frustration. 
It is only logical. 
While taking this silly journey in the dreamworld of thought, 
unmeasurable treasures await your return in your infinite space home. 
Right now, dissolve the dreamworld in meditation and you’ll be returned home. 
All happens and unhappens in the mind.
Home, truth, beauty, love, infinite abundance … unspeakable grace.
And yet, here you are, somehow “trapped” in the dreamworld. 
Since you did not come on your accord, 
neither you can leave this world on your own idea.
However, there is no specific reason for being here other than journeying. 
You might as well have fun along the way. 
Enjoy being here. 
Journey light, my friend! In the ethereal mind. 
Now that you know who you are and what mind is, 
mind is your friend. 
It will take where you wanna go. 

©️A. Garden, July 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook

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