Isn’t obvious that anything that may be put into words is an invented story of thought, by thought?

Hello. Just connecting the dots here … no agenda for this one.
A WARNING though: please be advised that certain ideas your egomind entertained for years (length of time and attention turned ideas into beliefs) caring for them dearly, strongly emotionally attached to, may be drastically attacked here. Hence, your ego will feel attacked, hence anger and other defense mechanisms as automatic reaction may arise. That’s why they say “the truth hurts” or “love hurts”. And yet, after the hurt comes freedom, as “the truth will set you free”, after the pain of love comes joy of love. So, if you truly want freedom and joy, you’ll probably not mind enduring some hurt of fixed beliefs being attacked.

Human thought invented the story of a great guy called God and of how he made the world, first the center, ego, the first man (called Adam), and then from it a radius arched (called Eve), which birthed the first circle (world) around the center, and so on, from that circle many other circles.

Human thought invented the story of how the universe started with the center, called The Big Bang, and then it expanded in one big circle and many many little circles formed as result, planets and stars, and so on. And all these happened a certain number of years ago.
Asking why human thought did it is a stupid question. No reason, no motive. Just for fun, perhaps.
However, here I am, a human form in this world. Why can’t I invent my own story of the great guy I am and my own world? In the case I still want to have fun with story making and featuring as a main character, playing a role in it, or dreamworld creating. Thought immediately, being sustained for a few seconds only, starts making roles and stories and things appear. 
But if I want to be free of all this playing, I’ll simply stay clear of thought. I choose to let ego dissolve into the underlying realm of Reality, unknown by thought. Freedom.
Now here, the real fun happens, but it cannot be described in thoughts, … except … perhaps some slight impressions good artists and mystic poets may convey. 
But by all means, if you can’t have enough of this playing with thought in the karma wheel, sure … why not? It all happens in the dreamworld called mind so no harm may ever be done.
The realm of Reality remains forever untouched.
©️A. Garden, August 2020

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