falling in love might happen even to you, … and you are saved from madness of controlling life

Programming or social conditioning, the imprint of thought-commands/conventions in the living brain of human or animal living beings is an act against Life. Life has already imprinted living brains with codes for blissful living. Human mind has no place to interfere, which is proven by the suffering, misery (false, illusory satisfaction) its activity of programming/conditioning causes in all beings it touches. Although its effects are of little consequence in those imprinted causing solely hallucinations collectively called “the society” or “the world” (because sooner or later, Life wakes them up, returning them to the natural state of living) from the point of view of those who are doing the imprinting it represents a desperate measure to control Life, which is the essence of madness. 

A virus is code, life-made code. If you find yourself scared to death by a virus, you are one of the world’s programmers. Living beings are not scared by life made code. 
However …

falling in love might happen even to you, … and you are saved.

©️A. Garden, August 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook