Bored by skimming the surface of reality? Try diving a little deeper

Bored by skimming the surface of reality? Try diving a little deeper.

Dear Humanity,

Him, the masculine, managed to anger Her, the feminine part of the dance of Egomind/Illusion realm. 
Her, the caring, patient, nurturing mother, 
Her, the loving, supportive, passionate wife, 
Her, the natural, spontaneous, dreamy, romantic, whimsical girl
the irrationality of Her stirred emotions represent denying energy support 
for His abusive ideas of control through brain programming and genetic manipulation 
which, having now reached the dangerous limit of insanity,
if allowed, lead to destruction of an entire world.
Their world. 
Him, the world builder, the maker of new and destroyer of old, the judging, educator father
Him, the rational, programmer, law maker and law enforcer, game changer, problem solver husband
Him the rebel, hater, unyielding, stubborn, know-it-all young man.
Him, realizing now the complicated existence They have invented is slipping out of His control,
the abusive force of His enforcements is desperately trying to save the future
of His own skin. 
Indeed this is what happens in the realm of surface Egomind/Illusion. 
In the just a tad deeper realm of Reality none of these happen. Nor could ever take place. 
I couldn’t tell what is happening here, words belong exclusively to Egomind/Illusion world.
I could describe fragrances and feelings which have nothing to do with emotion, 
feelings which are movements of fluid fields of light which isn’t the light you know …
Better yet, why not diving yourself? Have a little faith and a little courage.
Infinity has your back. 

©️A. Garden, August 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook