Incentive to lesser thinking ~ how love works

Life alone creates. By a power called Love.
Look at the ovule and the spermatozoide, destroying each other. 
Look at the soil and seed, destroying each other.
Love dissolves two entities to create a new one.
Love feels like destruction to those holding tight to their shell, ego entity identity.
Regeneration, like creation, requires destruction of that which isn’t needed any longer, that which isn’t alive, all residues being swiped out. A bug might do the dirty work.
The less thinking (always obstructing, positive as well as negative thinking) the easier to allow and watch Life’s natural phenomena.
Love travels the world, disguised as a beggar or a mad man, looking for two willing to lose their identity for the sake of creation.
Are you one? 
No? Love is gone. Next time around, … perhaps.

The less thinking, the thinner the shell.

©️A. Garden, August 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook