The vertical journey

The vertical journey

humans take

starting from this point of existence
here and now,
Traveling up
up into 
the more and more 
rarified space
of atmosphere
and higher astral
to the moon and sun
through solar systems
and further up 
towards the edge of the universe
which I, consciousness, made,
and yet a little further
almost touching the void.
Remembering to come back down
to The Middle World, 
where plants and wildlife live,
in peace and harmony,
just as I, consciousness, made it.
Rest in The Middle World for a bit,
just for a breath,
or perhaps make a home,
join in the frantic game,
for a while.
Then travel down
down into mineral density
of The Underworld, 
where I consciousness’
roots and bones,
stones and worms live,
baking crystals
all day long.
Then come back up
into the kind sunlight,
breathe again,
take a walk,
yet this time around
don’t touch the world,
don’t say a thing,
Just look
And breathe.
The vertical journey
fueled by love
collected drop by drop,
desire by desire,
packed inside,
not a drop wasted 
on worldly
taking only enough for 
keeping the body alive
and the mind awake,
senses are restored.
Until the love fuel tank 
filled to the brim,
ignited by serendipity,
Shooting up …
The vertical journey 
must happen.
Take my hand,
we promised to save each other,
the intellect can’t follow
into this ocean,
and we’ll be fine
hand in hand
at this new world
just birthed.
©️A. Garden, September 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook

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