The big box ~ a creation myth

Somehow a little box fell onto Living Planet.

It wasn’t much to pay attention to.
Living inhabitants couldn’t see any use of it so they left it there and continued their life.
It was an error, an aberration, … soon to be corrected; then it would dissolve.
But it wasn’t corrected right away, somehow. It was left there, just out of curiosity, perhaps, to see what would become of it.
The little box was very little but also tightly closed. Nothing from Living Planet could penetrate it. 
Only the Living Spirit could enter and have a peak. 
But there was nothing much to see inside except many of the tiniest little boxes, ordered and perfectly stacked. Nothing was moving. Nothing breathed. It was perfectly dead silent and dead still.
Inside tiniest little boxes there were separate tiny little figures, a distance apart, which never move and never breathe.
Inside their little heads there were images and words playing different versions of the same old story, over and over again. The story was about the possibility of almost touching each other, of almost touching the outer world. This story was the only thing they knew. This story was their only known source of existence. They were completely unaware of the great Living Planet on which their little box rested upon.
For a while, the Living Spirit left the box there, in the thick wild grass, forgetting all about it.
One day, the Living Spirit was taking a stroll in the great garden of the Living Planet and stumbled upon the box. The size of the box increased as more tiny boxes of versions of the same story were added and the tiny figures inside multiplied yet keeping the certain distance apart.
“Hm” thought the Great Spirit of Life, “perhaps these tiny blokes would desire to be alive, to actually be with another and actually be with the outer world, just as the other living beings are”. 
So the Great Spirit of Life devised a plan to enter the box and offer to the tiny figures the opportunity of actually coming to life. The Great Spirit created characters and introduced them into tiny figures’ story. But these characters would not follow the standard screenplay of the same old story, instead they speak about the Living Planet and the possibility of becoming a living being. In the beginning, these living characters were violently attacked and immediately terminated, excluded from the story for not following the standard script. After a while of Great Spirit relentlessly sending characters into the tiny figures’ story, the idea of becoming living beings caught roots in some tiny figures heads and began growing and extending to the surrounding tiny figures. The Great Spirit’s plan couldn’t fail, obviously, it is simply impossible. It is The Great Spirit of Life. The tiny figures who fully desired life, with all their heart, will gain a living soul and join the living being on the Living Planet. The rest will stay inside the box and the box launched into space where it will drift for a thousand years or so. However, the completion of the great plan can be and is being delayed by the standard story’s inventive efforts to keep its continuum running. 
You can imagine the frustration of the living characters introduced. From their point of reference they don’t see (although they know it deep down) any hope for great plan’s completion as the box is growing bigger and bigger with more versions. Also, they were not enabled to play parts in the standard story, as they remember who they are and where they come from (the story is …silly, … to put it nicely, … retarded, to put it bluntly), as they must keep always awake and alive so they may speak of Life whenever prompted. They will eventually be taken back to their Living Planet after a while and live there happily ever after which is their only burning desire. Most living characters have been introduced in pairs, but some have been sent solo. So much harder for these ones to keep their heads up and spirit alive, always surrounded by robotic tiny figures talking only of versions of their one favorite story of attack and destruction.
If only they could share the company of another living character. 
If only they could live the living beings’ lifestyle as is being lived on Living Planet. As all living beings live.
Well, perhaps next time around.
In the mean time, they must endure the longing.

©️A. Garden, September 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook