How to end all ego’s drama stories and return to being alive

Willingness to dissolve into the Now Aliveness resolves all stories in one single totally effective action ~ I am NOT a personal myth.

From the eternal Now, one may see the entire timeline of the story, which is the timeline of all stories, from their beginning to their end.

From here and now I can watch the story, unfolding.
Now, this world’s story has reached a point where the feminine power is rising, angry. The masculine power has not been able to meet her expectations. Their plan to conquer the world and secure their identities in time is falling apart. She has now taken control in a desperate endeavor to save at least their kingdom, the nucleus of the story. All her actions are making the matters worse, speeding their collapse. Their story, too old and too boring, is soon to be forgotten, forever swallowed into moment‘s eternity where all is alive. And so it is. 

More and more souls are withdrawing from the story (ego’s drama vortex).

The story, history of human civilization, maya, yin-yang dynamic, world of conflict and destruction, continuously seeks new participants in order to keep itself going.
The story exerts attraction upon young souls through various inventive ideas, more and more subtle.
The story is not alive therefore has no will power. Story’s only force is momentum.
The more souls participate, story’s momentum is maintained or even increased.
The more souls withdraw from the story by choosing the present moment, story’s momentum decreases exponentially.
The story offers you a role, an identity. I choose to remain as I am.
The story offers you a timeline, a journey, a personal myth. I choose the truth.
The story offers you the “joy” of suffering and destruction. I choose the joy of being alive.
The story offers you prizes, riches and power of authority, of controlling others. I choose the infinite everfresh abundance of Life.
The story offers you the prize of misery and victimization, of being abused and controlled by someone bigger and stronger. I choose to remember I am of Life, and Life alone rules me.
I choose here and now, where everything is.

©️A. Garden, September 2020

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