Keep moving and pay attention ~ more on withdrawing your energy from ego’s drama vortex

Keep moving

Unless stoic like a tree
Or unmovable like a mountain
Ego’s drama vortex
Will suck you right in
So keep moving.
Stay in the eternal moment,
Where all happiness is,
Dart in the world just for a little while
To bring gifts of real beauty and truth
To catch an idea of how the world likes its gifts wrapped
What forms of expression prefers
But run fast, my friend, before the drama vortex gets a hold of you.
No, don’t think you can help another than a few words of reason
spontaneously inspired,
Swiftly followed by
“I’ve got to go”
and hope your words reached home.
But always remember 
Ego won’t give up its drama,
Better journey happily alone
Than losing your soul
Than wasting precious happiness moments
Ego’s lures are so many to count
From roles in stories 
to comfort and stability,
Ideas of glorious rescues 
Of souls and of worlds.
Remember you can always break the spell 
By deciding all you want is the truth
And remember
only the eternal moment is the gate
You are life. You know how to be.
Just sit quietly and be.
Then get up and do things in the world,
Whatever you need to do,
Whatever life asks be done,
Then sit quietly ecstatically being 
Then get up again and move and do things
No need for words
No need for agendas
Life knows how to do things
Get your head out of Its way.
Above all,
You are only as happy as you manage to keep at a distance ego’s drama.
Individual ego and collective egomind (referred to as the world or society) served as the scaffolding for building the real alive human.
Now, as humans realize fully their aliveness, they become real living beings, the scaffolding of society may come down as it is no longer necessary. That’s why parents don’t want their kids to develop a society imposed ego anymore, as it is no longer needed. Each new being is a unique point of looking and seeing the entire marvel of existence. No knowledge required. Each living being already knows how to look and see.
The fully real alive human will enhance looking at life for all living beings around, as deeply as genetically.
Epigenetics (what is yet to be discovered)

A gene can be activated or deactivated by individually generated psihoemotional environment.
Junk DNA contains genes for everlasting ecstatic being which can be activated by (real) meditation.
The neverending story of Life unfolding, like a million petals lotus flower … decide to join.
Pay attention, watch your emotions. They will show you in which domains of ego’s drama you still have invested your attention/desire energy. Decide to withdraw, one by one. You’ll feel renewed having all that energy return to your point of being. Decide you want only reality, only truth, only life. Return to Now.

©️A. Garden, September 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook