I’m willing ~ excerpt from Theo and Mira Part 2

Suddenly, beatitude appears. It found the heart door open so It sneaked in and swept Mira’s soul away, to a world beyond… so white, so bright, turquoise waters, crystalline skies, so expansive… infinite, blue above, blue below, a thin layer of sparkling white sand under feet, soft and warm. Golden light. Eucalyptus, citrus peel and roasted almonds fragrances, fresh tomato sauce with basil, rosemary, oregano, neroli flowers …  “you serve the world best by your willingness to fully live your true dreams, because through your true dreams the world becomes a heaven on earth; yet your true dreams lie hidden under accumulated perceptions and impressions inherited from outer surroundings or from others’ stories, impressions of reality; sit quietly and let Me uncover them in your mind’s eye; all I need is your words saying “I’m willing”. I’ll handle the rest; pay attention, just follow my lead.”

“I’m willing, Living Light. I’m willing. A new sky and a new earth. I’m willing to create a new world. I’m willing to start a new dream … from blue. I’m willing to go through the I am eye portal, to pass the gate between existence and nonexistence, to turn once again into fluid love … I’m willing… I’m willing… I’m willing…

“There is only one in existence who is willing. Your true friend will be by your side.”

Excerpt from work in progress, “Theo and Mira Part 2