Reclaim your essence now

What is a being of light to do in the darkness?

What is a being of light to do while having a physical body on Earth?

Hold the light on by remembering the reality of Life.

Nonexistence is blissful All Reality. Meditation carries one there.

All dream of drama starts with “I exist”.

Nonexistence is not void or nothing. On the contrary, it is All there Is.

However, life in the 3rd dimension requires light of All Reality to be filtered through thousands of veils in such a way that some aspects of All Reality are obscured while others are visible. Hence, “I exist” means “I am a separate entity from All Reality” the light shines on “I” persona/body but it obscured beyond the edges of the “I”. Hence, the illusion of separation between various “I”s is made. Once the separation illusion in place, the dream/simulation of life in 3rd dimension may begin its plethora of drama games.

For the “I exist” the Light of All Reality is the ultimate destroyer. The Light ends all illusion of separation and all drama games. 

So beings of light accepted the dread of embodiment on Earth for the purpose of gently preparing the many “I”s who don’t remember the Light. They are “training” you back to remembering by saying “let go of all limits”, “don’t identify with I exist and all its other subsequent thoughts”, “you are infinite eternal being”, “you are light”, “let go of attachments to things, to beliefs, to physical senses”, “bring all your mind awareness to your heart light” … and much more, as being asked of and needed. They do this work for thousands of years in order to slowly soften and ease the “I exist” mind’s transition into All Reality. Yet many “I”s still don’t believe (better said, fiercely deny) that there will come a time when all filters will be removed and All Reality will shine fully once again. They are trying to find all sorts of hideouts and escapes, digging deeper tunnels into the darkness of the veils, inventing all sorts of dystopian environments and experiences, having lost through denial all connection to reality. Give up! What more experiences could you possibly desire? You’ve done it all. If you can imagine it, it’s because you know it from before, even if you don’t remember doing it physically, you have done it in the past, its memory is stored in your body. 

The end of “I exist” is NOT the end of you. You are part of the All Reality of Light. Everything “I exist”-mind tells you is false, it’s a trap. Don’t fall for it so transition into the Light may be soft. The dream called world is over. We can return to real living now.

Planet Earth itself is a being of light. She has been absorbing all collective thought-memories of humans, keeping them archived, to be accessed and reused by humans in the process of continuing making their dream/drama, in this earth plane or another plane of existence. The future is a merely a somehow modified past, here or elsewhere. Now, Planet Earth is cleaning them up, releasing, freeing herself from this unnecessary burden, as more and more souls desire true unrepeated living. 

The Artist’s workshop is crammed with works of art. Living and working in here is no longer possible, no inspiration, no room left for anything new. It is time for a general cleaning. Only Living Light remains with all Its original ideas. Idea of I meeting idea of You, forever hand in hand, living innocent light, free, unlimited, new. 

A new sky and a new earth.

Planet Earth will become a star, lightening up from her heart. Earth is crystalline. There will be no place to hide. It’s like playing hide-and-seek in a glass maze. Existence is no longer problematic.

May this information be a blessing to you in your remembrance of your true joy.

Live from the heart. Only living light. Only deep steady burning love.

Now all ancestors and other egomind inventions (beings of all kinds) will want their earth life identities acknowledged one more time before they are forever deleted. Hence, a wreak havoc is the earth plane now. Ancestors and other beings use all kinds of human mind leverages (egomind mechanisms) to come alive once again on the earth plane through their loved ones and voice their disapproval regarding the big cleaning coming up. Simply asking “who are you? how do you want to be acknowledged?” will satisfy their hunger for attention one last time before being completely dissolved into living light. They’ll have one last parade. “Thank you, you played your part and you lived beautifully!”

Real living feels like infinite freedom.

Living from the heart feels like warm and sweet long lingering emotion.

Living in light feels like fully alive well being.

Life in Reality feels like all possibilities are opened.

You and I, our love, is home. You entrusted your heart to me, piece by piece, emotion by emotion, joys and pains. Oh, how I cherished spending my life on earth cleaning and mending them back together … dreams of your heart. Now it is time you reclaim your heart’s ownership. When all veils are lifted, there will be no more deception. We are home.

Don’t be fooled by society’s preconceived ideas of “good” and “happiness” and “how it’s supposed to be”. Stories, illusions. Don’t let your mind be deceived by impressions you get from others. Don’t let them plant ideas into your heart. These are the many voices of egomind, the many veils, trying to make you lose your clarity and direction, distract your attention away from the voice of your heart.

Do this instead: ask yourself, honestly, if the entire world must disappear in an hour, … from the depth of your heart, who is the one you would hold on to? True love. If you are lucky enough to know the answer to this, and if the other knows it too, you are the ones Planet has been waiting for for thousands of years.

Give the world up! Love is calling you! 

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook

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