Friend, this is my message

What is my message, friend?

My message is this: you are Life. The best thing in this universe … and in the next universe.

Life. All there is, all there was and all there will ever be, in this universe and in all other parallel universes.

You are It. You are all of It. Entire Life. Self sufficient. Whole, undivided, unaltered by thought, untouched by mind, in the same way the sky remains untouched by clouds.

Looking at the play of existence, sitting in silence, like the sky looking at clouds, appearing and disappearing out of existence, not awake nor asleep, aware You, Life.

You, getting up, doing it all just for the joy of being into a physical body, moving bones, contracting and relaxing muscles, rising up and bending down, enjoying it all.

Open your heart, by a conscious decision, so this message may reach where is supposed to, deeply into DNA, lightening up, activating codes of remembering. No more playing small, no more playing forgetfulness games.

Remember who you are: Life. Now act accordingly. Everyone you touch will awaken to their true identity as Life. Once awaken, they realize they are self sufficient, just as Life is. This is the work of awaken ones, wandering about the world.

There is so much to do here, so much to taste. But that’s ok. You‘ll get to do it all, taste it all because time is unlimited to Life. So it’s ok to take it slowly, one at a time, single object focus, you’ll do it so well that it’s completely satisfying.

Use your heart as a guide. Ask “is this joy/peaceful love or is it fear?” Heart answers instantly. All fears are but veils, filters, walls against joy/peaceful love. The moment they are recognized, they simply fall.

All it takes is some willingness to look, some remembrance to ask the question.

Why not keep it as simple as this? Things of mind are complicated enough.

Remembering alone will bring about the peace and joy you truly desire.

May this message come as a blessing to you and your dear ones.

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook

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