A new world isn’t made. A new world may only be birthed.

A new world isn’t made. A new world may only be birthed.

We, enlighten parents, are unable to know anything about the new world to come, as we are unable to see clearly, given our conditioned brains.

We, enlighten parents, will give birth to new children, the people of the new world.

We, enlighten parents, will not wreak our children brains. That is our sole task.

We, enlighten parents, will lead a completely sustainable lifestyle, in total harmony with nature, planet, the universe, aligned to laws of Life yet to no other laws.

Now, there is chaos within our bodies as it is chaos on earth. The power of light of awareness reclaims more territory within our bodies and of our planet as well, while the inertia darkness of old conditioned programming is being brought to halt and subsides.

Try to remain calm. What is of Life cannot die.

Let the power of awareness do the work. Observe it, within and without.

The calmer you stay, the more you are able to observe and allow.

The more you observe and allow, the faster the light of awareness works.

“When all unnecessary journeys end, when seclusion exhausts all alternative possibilities for happiness … All is white light, above, below and all around … neutrality. Awareness. What is this feeling in my heart? What is this throbbing in my body? A new desire. A vision of a new dream.I desire a little world of my own. The idea is simple: a garden with a little house in the center. Someone to share it with, to grow it with. A new world isn’t made. A new world may only be birthed.”

Every human being has the potential of living a completely joyful and peaceful life on earth.

Every human being has the right to live up to his or her potential.

Every human has the right to create his/her piece of heaven on earth.

Everything that stands in the way of human beings fulfilling completely their potential will be automatically forever obliterated by the light of alert awareness.

All inoculated programs, genetic or epigenetic/psychological, meant to halt evolution and total activation of human DNA by blocking or restricting DNA reproduction and family formation as a unique creative expression of heaven on earth.

All false miss leading information impregnated into young brains.

All distorted ideas of living.

Distractions of all kinds, delaying human active pursuit towards fulfillment.

Programs that exacerbate reliance on instincts and sensations.

Conditioned society conventions that promulgate guilt and fear, in other or in self.

Witnessing their appearance into the light of awareness automatically dissolves everything that isn’t of Life, what isn’t aligned to Life’s laws.

This is the joyful work of each awaken conscious being. No less, no more.

May this message be a blessing to you and the ones you love.

A. Garden, September 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook