One must do the inner work first ~ writing

Again, I feel like running away, hidding in the forest, far away from all human craziness. But my heart says “stay, salvation is here, you must trust it”. There is no place to run and hide away from yourself. All this takes place in you. You and only you can know and manage you. There is no outside power.

One must do the inner work first.

A journey down deep the rabbit hole.
There is this intensity as a side effect of rabbit hole journeying. A steady intense burning. The rabbit hole is the portal through which light of awareness reaches the world.

Awareness, the vast sea of love, the unconscious/unknown/new extends itself like roots or like branches into the conscious/known/inert world. There is no turning back, once touched by light of awareness.

There is a way to bypass all conditioning implanted in your brain and genes. If you don’t know yet what conditioning is, leave it aside for now. You’ll understand. Simply do this.

Have paper and a pen at hand to write down all that comes to mind. For a minute, forget the many little things you think you want so that which you truly desire, deeply hidden, may be revealed, brought up to the surface to shine in light of consciousness.All craziness turns into happiness in a split second once you realize the truth and act accordingly. All the other little things you want will automatically fall into place.

A. Garden, September 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook

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