Open Letter

Dear Man/Architect/Builder/Professional/Intellect,

Over engineering the world you made will NOT make beautiful. Will NOT make it work. Will NOT make it happy. Will NOT solve but multiply problems by every single confused action you take. Will definitely NOT save it from collapse. It is time you accept the one reality of absolute universal laws. The same failure to recognize this truth caused world collapse in past times. It is time you stop. If you are willing to stop, you open the gate, you invite Woman/InteriorDesigner/Artist/Healer/Soul to enter. She’ll breathe life into your world. Why do you still ponder and postpone the only possibility? Why do you hate her for not having her gift? She is the gift … to you.

Understandably, she is mad now, seeing the mess you made of things, dismissing her insights. She’ll get over it … eventually. Step aside, own your errors, take the blame and allow her to work her magic without interfering. She’ll reinstate the supremacy of universal laws, which you have disregarded by making your own laws. She’ll tidy up. She’ll let fresh air in. She’ll clean things up. She’ll create a life-sustaining atmosphere. She’ll put everything and everyone to their proper place… eventually.

Don’t close the access gates and don’t reinforce the walls of your fortress. And don’t attack her with all your weapons/technologies, mocking her weaknesses. She can be only what you see and say she should be. She is only as powerful as you allow her to be. She has no other motive and purpose than fulfilling Life.

She has no choice.

But you, Man/Architect/Builder/Professional/Intellect, … you do have a choice:
Life or …

… not.

~ * ~

And they lived happily ever after.💖

©️A. Garden, October 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook