Life is NOT a stage, we are NOT actors

Dear Scriptwriter/PlayDirector/HistoryMaker

It must be quite the shock for you nowadays not having any people left to play the parts in your myths. Slowly, they all realized they can simply quit their roles you assigned for them in your play, go home and resume real living.

No one to play the commoner/servants, no one to play the evil villain, no one to play the good or corrupted ruler, no one to play the beautiful princess locked in the tower, even the horse doesn’t cooperate to having his wings installed and acting magically, not to mention the dragons.

Bummer! And you had it all so beautifully set up: something terrible happens, everyone is suffering, powerless, stupid, distressed, terrorized, no one knowing what to do (after all, screens are continuously showing it, and the rule is “never doubt what screens and written words are showing“).

Until … ta da! there you are, bright as day, the mighty hero, strong, smart and gorgeous, always knowing “the right way” of doing things, slaying dragons, solving problems, bringing the villains to justice and making it all better again … all your efforts and sacrifices for the poor pathetic commoners. And they aren’t even grateful! Instead, they just wanna be left alone to live in peace. They prefer the neverending story of life.

This global currently unfolding dystopian story is no different than the classical legendary myth. Different masks, different names for exactly the same roles:


advisor/law maker/scientist/intellectual/educator,


hero/law enforcers,

princess (king’s heart)/communicator/human rights defender,

joker/villain/deception/law breaker,


This old as history human game offers zero satisfaction.

However, we somehow choose to play it, over and over again, thinking “maybe this time will be different”.

We play it in our daily life, making up our own little scenarios of family ordeals and brave and smart solution finders, problem solving.

Let’s quit this stupid old as history game.

It offers nothing but frustration and anger.

Let’s all decide to accept growing up and out of this childish game.

There is real life waiting to be lived.

©️A. Garden, October 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook