Seek better experiencing

Mind creates experiences. Incessantly. Whether I like it or not.

At times, I run away from experience, seeking silence and solitude. Meditation.Other times I seek more and more experiences, more and new, exciting, interesting.

So I tame the Mind, make friends with it, asking It to show me only what is real.

Human, instead of seeking more and new, “that special one” experience, instead of running away from what is now,take one step back and up, and dive deeper into this immediate experience.

Seek better experiencing.

Better … more subtle, refined, beautiful, elegant, simpler, happier and happier.Real.

I, Living Awareness, am the dreamer of all dreams of experiencing.Billions eons of experiencing later, I remain as I am, untouched, unaltered, unknown.

I, Human, recognize I am the point of perspective from which experience is possible.For happy experiences, I open up to Living Awareness. Open, say yes, allow. Drop all judgment. Remember to STOP and BREATHE. Relax, open, receive Living Awareness presence. Now …. respond. To any experience. That response is love.

“What is here? Besides what is visible and touchable?”

A. Garden, October 2020

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook