Welcome back to Reality

Welcome back to Reality to You, naked Soul, vibrating dancing aliveness, created sound and light beyond time and space, truth beyond mind comprehension, beauty beyond what may eyes behold ... You have never left the Garden of Reality, you have never been anything else than Truth. A dream of existence, pleasant or otherwise, eventually ends. … Continue reading Welcome back to Reality

Know thy truth. Then live.

Human, you are a big kid now, you can deal with the truth. Everything that was made, will be unmade. And yet ... You, ... yes, You ! ... the real You, the soul You, the essence You, You are untouchable, immutable, timeless, boundless, magnificent beauty, light. You are Reality of the world. Know this! … Continue reading Know thy truth. Then live.

Eventually overcoming human nature

Human nature Human biology Human DNA: the source of impulse towards effort and suffering “Multiply me” “Nest me” “Feed me” “Attack the other” “Guard me” “Please me” “Grow me bigger, bigger, bigger” “You are so awesome “ “You are useless” “Self-destruct now” “Suffering is human destiny” Like so speaks that piece of DNA which makes … Continue reading Eventually overcoming human nature

Revealing what is hidden ~ From The Essential Rumi

“There is a law about revealing what’s hidden. Even where hundreds of seekers are waiting for truth, a messenger will stay silent if one cynic sits in the audience. Normally when a horse gets the scent of a lion, it keeps a distance. But there are exceptions. Every now and then a horse comes that … Continue reading Revealing what is hidden ~ From The Essential Rumi

What happened in the Garden ~ about love reality and thought deception

Here we are, in the garden, you and I, In love, gazing in each other’s eyes, Watching aliveness dance naked. We’ve never left, never been anywhere. Reality of Sea of Love remains as it is and will never change. A double stranded snake in the grass  started talking, telling us dreadful bewildering stories of separation,  … Continue reading What happened in the Garden ~ about love reality and thought deception