engineering living – a bad habit humans have

Dear human,

for thousands of years you’ve been engineering the perfect living.

Do you still believe that you at some point, …. eventually,

get it right ???

This mad idea postpones actual real living to an illusive point into the future. Or back to the past.

Why not let Life chart the course of life. By means of love.

love, peace, happiness … these are the treasures you’ve been looking for.

Get them right now. They are rightfully yours to have right now.

Do whatever excites your spirit now.

Leave engineering to the One who sees the whole.

You’ll be better, happier, healthier, peaceful.

Honestly, do you really believe that one perfect lifestyle will satisfy you for longer than a few seconds?

©️A. Garden, November 2020

Photo by A. Garden

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook