Unlimited experience vs. Joyful bliss

Let the dream unfold as all dreams do.

Let the human experience evolve

from dark, constricted, small, isolated

to bright, unlimited, global, unified.

Unlimited information.

Unlimited energy.

Unlimited physical health.

Unlimited knowledge.

Unlimited experience.

All these, human is destined to enjoy.

Potential fulfilled.

Will living all experiences bring about happiness and serenity?

Do you need lifetimes to experience it all

before you realize, 

all experiences are basically the same experience:

pixels, shapes, colors, sounds, and 

a few other physical body specific sensations

registered by the brain.

Falling for egomind’s traps of promised delights

delays awakening to reality 

which is the happiness and serenity your soul longs for.

Stay still. Aware of awakeness. Love embraces all.

Unnameable endless sea of uncreated light.

Now here, all that appears is bliss.

©️A. Garden, December 2020

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