Ready for happiness ~ when living becomes poetry

I am you. We are Life. We are pure crystal clear boundless infinite timeless eternal everflowing spirit of Life. This is an immutable fact.

We pop into seemingly separate existence, we look at other seemingly separate existences, then we pop out of existence. This is an immutable fact of life.

We return to our real being as spirit of Life. For those ready to recognize these facts, living becomes poetry.

Feeling with your soul’s senses is intelligence beyond mind comprehension. And yet is as natural as little child playing with ephemeral waves of the sea, clouds of the sky, soap bubbles, one string bound breeze powered kite, cotton candy, daily mundane magical moments, snow flakes on my tongue, frangipani flower in my hair, musical notes fragrance in the air, the thought of you … no meanings, no story, just impressions of light.

A. Garden, January 2021

We are Life ~ an ebook

Theo and Mira; Loving Life ~ an ebook