NEW REALITY ~ Awake within the dream

Welcome to the new reality where transparency of unperishable spiritual living awareness and materiality of transient visible touchable world are both sensed and perceived at the same time. Duality has merged into oneness.

While the two realms have two distinct purposes, the spiritual with joy of being and seeing purpose, the material with joy of activity and creating purpose, both share the one single substance of alive awareness. One single endless ocean is both calm and turbulent water.

As above, so below. As within, so without. The conventional world of mind-made dreams and transient visible touchable things integrates seamlessly with the spiritual realm of infinite crystalline sparkling aware aliveness when the portal between the two stays open. Although in the beginning the one realm is hidden to the other, when one being active, the other being asleep, both share one essence: pure aware aliveness.

There is a portal through which awareness passes when crossing from one side to the other. When this portal closes, memory of the other is lost. Individual loses his consciousness of realm left behind the portal in the same way one loses consciousness when going to sleep at night. This is how it used to be.

Slowly, the many beings holding the remembering of the spiritual realm of pure awareness has made possible keeping the portal opened. Crossing the portal back and forth, many times during the day, many times during the hour spent in the conventional visible touchable world of mind-made dreams brings the possibility of remaining awake/aware/conscious while playing in the dream.

Every now and then, the temptation to use a situation, a natural occurrence, as an opportunity for attack towards self and/or another, of turning anything into a weapon may still arise, but now it is seen well ahead of time in the light of awareness and recognized as what it is namely an old program written into the human DNA meant to keep the sleeping state. Thinking against anyone or anything, complaining, blaming, criticizing, making it a problem … all are mechanisms of this attack program. Increased awareness weakened the program and now it visibly subsides, being unnecessary.

The unfathomable beauty of a field of dew drops and a sky of diamonds, an ocean of bioluminescence and a shore of white quartz sand, snow flakes and Aurora Borealis, cities of crystal, music of the spheres, silence of deep space … all these are becoming visible as we regain our spiritual eyes. What was hidden will be now revealed. What was considered before reality, it is now a joyful playground of dreams.

Awake within the dream … this is the new reality of living.

By A. Garden, December 31st 2020

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