How awareness shifts the world

Purpose of existence is joy, main activity is play. A sustainable world must align its foundations to these.

The shift of human mentality, from struggle/survival-based mentality to creative/play mentality, must begin to reflect into world laws, education, health care, communication and business and all other organizations, institutions, all human mind-made conventions.

We recognize that there is an always-ready-to-attack program (“the tiger”, “the dragon”, “the devil”, “the monster”, “the beast”, “the snake”, “the egomind”) in human DNA, the information basis of all survival and competing behaviors. The cause or origin of the always-ready-to-attack program is, as all non-dual self inquiring methods discovered, the concept “I” more exactly “I am distinctly separated from you”, the original error. Having recognized this, we may utilize program’s tremendous energy by redirecting all its attacks back to itself, instead towards an illusive separated harm-intending outer subject. The snake eating its own tail, eventually exhausting itself (exhausting the program’s energy).

Attack is any form of judgment, an erroneous way of utilizing power of thinking. Hence, the rule of thumb is “do NOT judge” because the way you judge another, you judge yourself, self destroying. So, stay alert and do not let pass unobserved any thought of attack or judgment, regarding any subject, big or small, important or meaningless.

Love is recognizing “I am you”, we share our spiritual pure aware being, although for a little while we appear and activate as separated forms, each following its own dreams.

We recognize now that human existence nature is transient dreamlike, its purpose being joy, its activity being play. We lived enough lives as civilized conscious humanity to prove to ourselves that struggle and getting ahead mentality has little if any benefit overall, producing an angry frustrated individual, states of mind which lead inevitably to mind and body disease and severe dissatisfaction with life.

We recognize now that the most precious treasure a country and a world could have is a happy individual.

We recognize now that a happy individual is one who is free to pursue his or her dreams, as there is no other value in this existence than living our dreams. We recognize now that Life takes care to always bring about individuals who dream of providing basic needs and care for others; there are those who love to grow food and offer it to others, those who love building dwellings, those who love caring for little ones, those who love healing others, …

We recognize that all our needs are automatically met by Life, through people who are happy doing these activities as these too are forms of play.

Therefore, imagine now, how does your truest heartfelt dream feel like? Just hold it in your imagination and your heart and follow the prompts of your joy. They will carry you to your new dream. Never give in to any kind of attack/judgment along the way.

A. Garden, January 2021

Hu-Kun “Taming the tiger” Source:

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