How little reality a word carries

Here is why words and all based on words are illusions, dreamlike magic.

At the first level of abstraction, a word reflects an actual object. However, only a minuscule quantity of traits of the object it represents is included into that abstraction. That set of selected traits acts like a lens through which all similar objects are perceived. For example, the word “apple” includes the traits fruit, round, red/yellow/pink/green, sweet/sour, smooth and a few more. In fact, THIS actual apple has an enormous quantity of particular traits, which become evident when the fruit is being experienced directly, in the specific immediacy of the moment.

Why does the mind invent the abstraction “apple”? For future reference. But the actual fruit experienced will never be experienced again in the future. That projected future never arrives.

Level one word abstractions contains very little reality. Just think of how disconnected from reality superior levels of word abstractions are.

This is why all made of words are dreams, illusions, interpretations of reality. This is why the lens of thinking merely interprets the actual fact.

A. Garden, January 2021

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