Jumping timelines ~ a poem

I know you can feel the sea of beatitude all around.

Therefore I know you see me, the simple single morning star in a blue universe.

I see you, simple single evening star in the blue universe, shining joyfully.

We are, as we’ve been before the beginning of time, 

as we’ll remain, after the end of time, 

although we dream up a million timelines

where we chase each other in children’s playground

where we cross paths without seeing each other, 

where we bump into each other for a moment,

where we meet, share a laugh and a cry,

but quickly part ways, 

absorbed, lost in the maze of impossibility. 

Our world is simple infinite light.

And yet there is one timeline, 

like no other, 

where all impossibilities subside

cancelling each other out

where timing is perfect

where white stars bless

Here we are, 

jumping timelines, 

that one 


©️A. Garden, January 2021

Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash