All I know is thinking; all thinking is the past; all I really desire is FEEL ALIVE

I see what I think.

I hear what I think.

I am what I think.

All thinking is error, the past, mere interpretations,

sometimes “good”, “corect” making it a “good” experience

other times “bad”, “wrong” turning into a “bad” experience.

Thinking is made of words and numbers which are not of Life,

made of points, circles and straight lines which are not of Life.

Thinking is all I know … and yet

thinking and its experiences are irrelevant to

FEELING ALIVE, the one true desire.

Thinking will always be in front of my eyes

except when intentionally cleared away.

Could this be the only necessary remedy?

When I’m in love, all I see is lovely.

When I’m in love, I feel naturally joyful.

When I’m in love, my body feels warm, satisfied, safe, at home.

When I’m in love, there is only this eternal moment.

When I’m in love, I feel naturally alive.

©️A. Garden, January 2021

Photo by Taneli Lahtinen on Unsplash