Dear Human,

It’s graduation day. Congratulations!

You are no longer a little Pinocchio, thinking, speaking and acting by copying others, always confused, gullible and unable to distinguish good from bad.

You have discovered your soul, your link with Ultimate Reality of Life. You have discovered you have a mind, consciousness.

You recognize now that everything that your thoughts make happen, they make it all happen within your mind. Nothing happens outside of mind. That’s why things are not what they seem. Before, you only knew things as they seemed: real objects, real situations, real states of being. Now, you are able to go beyond mind and see things as they really are: thoughts in the mind.

What are thoughts?

Thoughts are tools for creation.

The first thought, I, is the first point, the center of a world, the anchor of the ship. The circle is the ship. 

Thoughts are words. Their power is to create images. 

Images become later objects or states of being or worlds.

Your soul inspires pure, fresh, new thoughts. But first, let go of all yesterday’s thoughts. Clear empty your mind. You wouldn’t want to relive the same day, the same experience twice, would you? In nature, everything is unique, one of a kind, not even two snowflakes are identical. Why would they be?

New is creation. New nurtures your soul. Only new. 

Do you have a question? It’s old thoughts. Don’t touch them. Let them die.

Do you have a pain? It’s old thoughts. Chuck them.

Do you have anger, guilt, blame? Old ghosts. Flush them.

Do you have anything unpleasant? Old crap. Dump it.

Flush all. Be a dot on a white sheet of paper universe. 

Begin creating new. What would your soul desire?

What to create?

What to create? An idea. A thought, out of the blue. What kind of idea? Hm. Let’s see. One that feels good. A good thought to develop is a thought that the heart aproves.

A house. A garden. Clothes? shoes, food … more tools?

A city? A country? A model of the universe? A religion?

A journey. A story. A film. Whatever your soul desires. Your soul is your link to uncreated free flowing infinite eternal energy of Life. Your soul is your guide.

Who is creator?

Creator is the first thought, I, the point of reference, the center of the circle/sphere.

“I am that I am” means I appeared out of nothing for no reason … other than to create. For the fun of it.

Who is I? Whoever says I. Do you say “I”? Only thousands of times a day. 

Yes, you are I !

Yes, You! 

You didn’t know, … or you forget. But now … remember.

Did you ever have a blank sheet of paper in front of you and a crayon in your hand?

Yes. You are creator. You started by placing the crayon on the paper, in a point. In that moment, you are the point. The rest, you remember.

So how about now, in your adulthood? Perhaps it’s not your passion to create your house, your clothes, your city, your society, your model of the universe, your religion … heck, not even your food. That’s ok. Others love to create these for you. You create your stuff. But above all …

Look at all the experiences you create for yourself and others. 

“Yes, I am creator of my life. You are creator of your life.” 

This is love.

Finally, you have the clear complete answer to the questions “who am I?” “Where do I come from?” “Where am I going?”And “does God exist?” “What is love?”

What a breakthrough! The revolution of the millennia: revolution of human consciousness.

Planet Earth is the mother of a multiplanetary system of alike little planets. This universe is the mother of a multiverse.

Now, you are free to inhabit your created world and universe.

A. Garden, February 2021