This is poetry of living

Hello. I am here, Universe!” she whispered.

“Hello. I am here, Universe!” the Universe replied.

What more glorious experience for I than the creative attempt of describing an invisible endless flowing sea of sparkling electricity.

This “I am” can make sound and can assign meaning to sounds, inventing words.

This “I am” invented the point and the circle and, subsequently, all images. 

This “I am” Creator never gets lost in creating mindlessly but remains focused on soul set intention.

This “I am” Creator never assigns realness to its creations unless creations are creators themselves. If this absurdity would be possible, suffering, an absurd state of being for Creator, would be the result.

Only the Sea of Life is Reality and this is always kept in mind of this “I am” conscious Creator.

This “I am” Creator returns regularly to the Sea of Reality for rest and replenishment.

This is poetry of living.

©️A. Garden, February 2021

Photo by Romello Williams on Unsplash