How to live: life sea and being existence on the count of one breath

When “I am”, the first thought, origin of all thoughts, willingly melts (by relaxing, softening, feeling) into the endless flowing sparkling Life Sea, like a multilayered field of colorful pixels and musical notes, the immersion is complete, no strings are left to attach to existence. Cleansing power of the Sea of nonexistence is complete. All thoughts, all words, all things, all relationships, all worlds, all universes, both material and imaginary, being nothing but images in the mind, completely dissolve. This happens in the pause between breaths. But have no fear …

Breathing in, centered in the first thought “I am”, has the power to attract new thoughts from pure infinite Life Sea energy, and hold them into focus. This holding of focused attention is slowly (birthing time as a byproduct) molding the held image into objects or interpretation stories, relationships, situations, places, planets, universes, material or imaginary, creating a dreamlike experience of existence.

Breathing out, the feeling of the experience, tasting its delighting nourishing newness, acknowledging what has been created, living it.

Pause again. Jump into the Sea. Dissolve completely. No continuation. No connection between this moment and the next. No goal. No special outcome seeking. Just being pure aliveness.

Now … there is only one question.

Are you ready to allow the source of all unhappiness be relinquished?

We are talking about relinquishing all negative thoughts and their source also.

Source of Negativity is giving equally focused attention (long term attention makes thoughts bigger and stronger becoming beliefs) to two or more contradictory thoughts/beliefs.

Negative thinking feels bad. It feels awful. Negative thinking sounds absurd to any natural minded state. 

Normal thinking is stating simple immediate facts and spontaneous expressions of what is being experienced, pleasant or unpleasant, without any negativity, just as matter of fact. It feels lighthearted, neutral, even a little funny, surprising.

Negative thinking is always related to the past, although it might give the appearance of being about what is being experienced now, it is actually a recollection of some negative memory. It feels heavy, tense and dark. 

Negative thinking says “this SHOULD or SHOULDN’T be happening”.

Normal thinking doesn’t mind the little situation which is now, it looks at the bigger picture. 

Now … Do you make it your life’s sole mission, your firm absolute promise to yourself to allow happiness, which implies OPENNESS to ALLOWING all negative thinking to be relinquished?

Then say it. Say YES. 

Don’t ask how and when. 

Don’t ask by whom. 

Just open by saying Yes. 

Let it be light! 

Watch now how increased luminosity dissolves all images.

The work of future generations is deconstructing interpretations (stories made of thoughts, socially conventionally agreed upon and adopted as true) the human egomind built unconsciously.

A. Garden, February 2021

Watercolor by A. Garden