Reality, helpful fake, detrimental fake and how to discern

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

Two worlds: one real, one fake

Reality is Life. Reality is only life. Only life is real.

Fake is egomind-made; starting with the point, the circle, the square, all geometry, numbers, words and all the rest based on these, all is egomind make-believe stories (one must believe in it in order to make it appear to senses, to make it seem real.)

There are two kinds of fake/make-believe: one helpful, one detrimental.

Helpful fake is life affirming, guiding human towards Reality.

Detrimental fake is life denying, leading astray, away from Reality.

How to discern

Helpful fake/make-believe feels natural (home safety, rock solid, confident, peaceful, warm, kind, unconditional, joyous).

Detrimental fake/make-believe does NOT feel natural.

A. Garden, February 2021